GF=Gluten Free
Ask for special cook as your prefer
All Price Subject To Change Without Notice

Lunch Special Combination Platters

(11:30 am - 2:30 pm)
Served with White or Fried Rice and
Choice of Egg Roll, Spring Roll or Soup (Wonton, Egg Drop, Hot & Sour)

L1. Chow MeinGF
(Chicken, Beef, Pork or Shrimp)
L2. Lo Mein
(Chicken, Beef or Shrimp)
L3. Egg Foo Young
(Chicken, Beef, Pork or Shrimp)
L4. Vegetable Delight 6.25
L5. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce 6.25
L6. Chicken Wings (6)GF 6.25
L7. Kung Pao Chicken 6.25
L8. Moo Goo Gai PanGF 6.25
L9. Chicken with Broccoli 6.25
L10. Sweet & Sour Chicken or Pork 6.25
L11. Chicken with Garlic Sauce 6.25
L12. Chicken with Cashew Nuts 6.25
L13. Governor Chicken 6.25
L14. Chicken with Mixed Vegetable 6.25
L15. Japanese Teriyaki Chicken 6.25
L16. Hunan Beef 6.95
L17. Beef with Broccoli 6.95
L18. Pepper Steak 6.95
L19. Beef with Asparagus 6.95
L20. Beef with Mixed Vegetable 6.95
L21. Mongolian Beef 6.95
L22. Shrimp with Lobster SauceGF 6.95
L23. Kung Pao Shrimp 6.95
L24. Shrimp with Garlic Sauce 6.95
L25. Hunan Shrimp 6.95
L26. Triple Delight 6.95
L27. General Tso's Chicken 6.95
L28. Sesame Chicken 6.95
L29. Orange Chicken 6.95
L30. Pad Thai (No Rice)GF
(Shrimp or Chicken)
L31. Thai Pineapple Fried RiceGF
(Shrimp or Chicken)


A1. Egg Roll (1) 1.85
A2. Vegetable Spring Roll (1)GF 1.75
A3. Yoojis Pot Stickers (6)
Steamed or Pan Fried
A4. Crab Rangoon (6) 6.95
A5. Beef on Stick (4)GF 6.25
A5a. Teriyaki Chicken on Stick 5.95
A6. Fried Chicken Wing (8)GF 6.95
A7. Shrimp (3) & Vegetable Tempura
Japanese lightly battered fried shrimp
A8. Vegetable Tempura (6)
Japanese lightly battered fried vegetable
A9. Edamame (Boiled Soy Bean)GF 3.95
A10. Crispy Calamari 6.95
A11. Thai Chicken Lettuce WrapGF 9.95
A12. Yoojis Appetizer Sampler
Spring roll (2), crab rangoon (2), beef on stick (2), chicken wing (2), shrimp tempura (2), vegetable tempura (2)

Soup and Salads

SP1. Wonton Soup (Pt)1.95 (Qt)3.75
SP2. Egg Drop SoupGF (Pt)1.95 (Qt)3.75
SP3. Hot & Sour SoupGF (Pt)2.15 (Qt)4.15
SP4. Vegetable with Bean Curd Soup (2)GF 5.95
SP5. Yoojis House Special Seafood Soup (2)GF 6.95
SD1. House SaladGF 2.95


C1. Kung Pao Chicken 9.75
C2. Chicken with Cashew Nuts 9.75
C3. Moo Goo Gai PanGF 9.75
C4. Sweet & Sour Chicken 9.75
C5. Chicken with Garlic Sauce 9.75
C6. Governor's Chicken 9.75
C7. Chicken with Broccoli 9.75
C8. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 9.75
C9. Hunan Chicken 9.75
C10. Sha Cha Chicken 9.75
C11. Moo Shu Chicken 10.95
C12. Chicken with Asparagus 11.25
C13. Thai Curry ChickenGF 10.95
C14. Chicken with String Beans 9.95
C15. Thai Basil ChickenGF 10.95
C16. Honey ChickenGF 10.95
C17. Japanese Teriyaki Chicken 10.95


P1. Moo Shu Pork 10.95
P2. Sweet & Sour Pork 9.95
P3. Hunan Pork 9.95
P5. Pork with Garlic Sauce 9.95


(We Use Top USDA Flank Steak)
B1. Beef with Broccoli 11.25
B2. Sha-Cha Beef 11.25
B3. Beef with Garlic Sauce 11.25
B4. Beef with Mixed Vegetable 11.25
B5. Pepper Steak 11.25
B6. Hunan Beef 11.25
B7. Beef with Asparagus 12.75
B8. Thai Curry BeefGF 11.95
B9. Szechuan Beef 11.25
B10. Mongolian Beef 11.95


S1. Kung Pao Shrimp 11.25
S2. Shrimp with Cashew Nuts 11.25
S3. Shrimp with Lobster SauceGF 11.25
S4. Hunan Shrimp 12.25
S5. Tung-Ting ShrimpGF 12.25
S7. Thai Curry ShrimpGF 12.25
S8. Shrimp with Asparagus 13.50
S9. Shrimp & Chicken Combination 12.95
S10. Shrimp & Scallop with Garlic Sauce 14.50
S11. Shrimp & Scallop w. Asparagus 14.50
S13. Shrimp w. Broccoli 11.25
S14. Sweet Sour Shrimp 11.95
S15. Thai Basil Seafood 13.95


V1. Vegetable Delight 9.95
V2. Sauteed String Bean 9.95
V3. Cantonese Eggplant with Garlic Sauce 9.95
V4. Bean Curd (Szechuan Style) Ma Po Tofu 9.95
V5. Bean Curd (Home Style) w. Mixed Vegetable 9.95
V6. General Tso's Tofu 9.95


N1. Lo Mein
(Chicken, Beef, Pork or Shrimp)
N2. Yoojis House Special Lo Mein
(Beef, Chicken and Shrimp)
N3. Cantonese Pan Fried Noodle
(Beef, Chicken or Shrimp)
N4. Japanese Stir-Fried UdonGF
(Beef, Chicken, Pork or Shrimp)
N5. Pad Thai (Thai Stir-Fried Wide Rice Noodles)GF
(Chicken or Shrimp)
N6. Mei Fun
(Chicken, Beef, Pork or Shrimp)
N7. Yoojis Mei Fun
(Chicken, Beef and Shrimp)
N8. Singapore Mei FunGF 10.25


N9. Vegetable Fried Rice 7.95
N10. Fried Rice
(Chicken, Beef, Pork or Shrimp)
N11. Yoojis House Special Fried Rice 8.50
N12. Pineapple Fried RiceGF
(Chicken, Beef, Pork or Shrimp)

Egg Foo Young / Chow Mein

N13. Egg Foo Young
(Chicken, Beef, Pork or Shrimp)
N14. Chow MeinGF
(Chicken, Beef or Pork)
N15. Chow MeinGF
(Shrimp or House Special)

Yoojis Chef s Specials

Y1. General Tso's Chicken
Lightly battered chicken in general Tso's sauce with steamed broccoli
Y2. General Tso's Thai Chicken
Lightly battered chicken tossed with spicy general tso's sauce with pineapple, onion & zucchini
Y3. Orange Chicken
Crispy chicken pieces coated with lotus flour in orange flavored sauce. with steamed broccoli
Y4. Sesame Chicken
Crispy chicken pieces coated with lotus flour, tossed in a sesame sauce and sprinkle, top with sesame seed, with steamed broccoli
Y5. Yoojis Crispy Chicken
Crispy chicken breast coated with lightly battered, sauteed in sweet onion sauce, with steamed broccoli
Y6. Triple Delight
Stir fried jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef & vegs. in brown sauce
Y7. Happy Family
Scallop, jumbo shrimp, chicken and beef sauteed w. mixed vegs. in special chef sauce
Y8. Orange Beef
Crispy beef pieces coated w. lotus flours, enhanced by an orange flavored sauce, with steamed broccoli
Y9. Seafood DelightGF
Jumbo shrimp, scallop, lobster meat & green mussels, sauteed w. mixed vegs. in a special seafood white sauce
Y10. General Tso's Fish
Crispy coated lotus flour white fish filet tossed w. general Tso's sauce, with steamed broccoli
Y11. Yoojis Crispy Pork Chop
Crispy pork chop sauteed w. salt pepper
Y12. Thai Seafood CurryGF
Jumbo shrimp, scallop, green mussel & vegetable cook in Thai creamy coconut curry sauce
Y13. Yoojis Crispy Shrimp
Lightly battered shrimp sauteed with chef special sweet wine sauce, served with steam broccoli
Y14. Yoojis Crispy Beef
Cripsy beef coated with sweet sour sauce, w. green broccoli
Y15. "Hui" Chicken
Zucchini, green & red pepper, asparagus with chef special sauce, stir fried with chicken breast

Diet and Healthy Meal

Choice of sauce: a) Brown Sauce b) Hunan Sauce c) White Sauce (GF) d) Garlic Sauce
ST1. Steamed Mixed VegetableGF 9.95
ST2. Steamed Chicken w. Mixed VegetableGF 10.95
ST3. Steamed Shrimp w. Mixed VegetableGF 12.95
ST4. Steamed Shrimp & Scallop w. Mixed VegetableGF 14.95
ST5. Steamed Chicken w. BroccoliGF 10.95
ST6. Steamed Shrimp w. BroccoliGF 12.95

Kid s Menu

Served with French Fries or Drink
K1. Kid's Chicken Nugget (4) 5.95
K2. Kid's Chicken Finger (3) 5.95
K3. Kid's Plain Lo Mein (Pt.) 5.95
K4. Kid's Sweet & Sour Chicken 5.95


DS1. Fried Banana 3.50
DS2. Cheese Cake 3.95
DS3. Chinese Donut 4.95
DS4. Tiramisu Cake 3.95
DS5. Tempura Cheese Cake 4.25

Catering Menu

C1. Crab Rangoon (40 pcs) 35.00
C2. Sweet & Sour Chicken 35.00
C3. Fried Rice
(Chicken, Beef or Shrimp)
C4. Lo Mein
(Chicken, Beef or Shrimp)
C4a. Mei Fun
(Chicken, Beef or Shrimp)
C5. Pad Thai
(Chicken or Shrimp)
C6. Chicken with Broccoli 35.00
C7. Hunan Beef 40.00
C8. Shrimp with Mixed Vegetable 40.00
C9. General Tso's Chicken 42.00
C10. Japanese Teriyaki Chicken 39.00